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Who Is Chhavi Agarwal?

Chhavi Agarwal is a lawyer, writer, journalist, personal finance expert, and work-from-home blogger. Chhavi has been writing since 2016, and she founded her first website MrsDaakuStudio.com in 2017. Over time, she has started many websites, sold a few, partnered on two and built a YouTube channel.

All websites in Chhavi’s portfolio focus on her expertise: Making money, saving money, financial independence, travel, and location independence.

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Chhavi’s Expertise

Business Requirements: Chhavi is an expert in legal requirements for a business with a law degree from National Law University, Raipur (India) and masters from Jindal Global Law School with a gold medal.

Side Hustles: Chhavi loves to try out new side hustles. In the last 8 years, she has experimented with blogging, YouTube, selling on Amazon, surveys, selling offline, baking, freelancing writing, social media management, virtual assistance, and more. She succeeded at a few, failed at many and shares valuable experiences with their community.

Work from home: Chhavi has been working from home since 2016, and has experience with working at home, time management, fitness, productivity, remote jobs, interview and more.

Location Independence: Love to travel and work.

Chhavi’s Websites

  1. Mrs. Daaku Studio
  2. What Anika Says
  3. Indoor Plants Made Easy
  4. Simply More Time

Know More About Me

You can contact me at info@chhaviagarwal.com.

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